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Dr. Velvet E.
Dr. Velvet E. Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine
Wow! I finally have an answer for my clients with pet odor problems! I have a 19 year old cat that I love dearly. She has some Feline Dementia and often can’t locate the litterbox. S.U.N. destroys the urine odor on my floor and leaves a great fresh scent. I have used enzyme products in the past, but the icky odor they leave was awful, so S.U.N. took care of that problem too. I would like to link your page to my veterinary hospital website, and will do so with your permission. Thanks from animal lovers everywhere – especially cat owners!! Sincerely,

Kimberly S.
Kimberly S.
I must say that I’m so pleased I found your site. The Severe Urine Neutralizer is an amazing product. I have not seen anything as effective anywhere, even at my vets. It completely and easily removes my cat’s urine odor like magic. I don’t know what’s in this stuff but it must be worth it’s weight in gold! LOL!

April M.
April M.
I did indeed receive my product and all I can say is WOW! I am thrilled to death with this product! I have already told a ton of my friends about it because I was so happy with the results. I have 2 great danes and 2 little boys and I gotta admit, I used it for all 4! FYI, it works on kid pee too!

My one great dane has always had bladder control problems and I was about to throw out a couch that I had just bought less than a year ago. I bought your product in the hopes that my thousand dollar investment would not be in vain. We are a military family, and despite what many people think, military life is NOT Army Wives, it is hard. And often very poverty stricken, so the thought of having to buy a new couch made me want to puke.

Then I found SUN and thought, have to give it a shot and by golly it worked! I am so thrilled! Now I have a spray bottle and use it all the time for accidents by dogs and kids alike. When my husband deployed, my son started acting out by peeing in various spots about the house. SUN helped with that too! I love this product. All doubt I had is gone. And there was a lot of doubt. I have used every other product on the market people rave about, the Nature’s Miracle, all of it. And it’s all junk.

Now, come up with something to take the puke smell out of a recliner and you will have me hook, line, and sinker for LIFE! Thanks for everything!


Buy a bottle of SUN now!It works or your money back!

Susan B.
Susan B.
Wow! SUN is top notch! My cat Brucie somehow has decided that the space behind my couch in the living room is his private bathroom! So obviously the smell right in our living room is unbearable but it becomes really embarrassing especially when we have guests over. Now all I need to do is apply SUN and no more smell. Best thing I’ve purchased this year!

Shauna C.
Shauna C. Dancing Pug Acres
I’ve been breeding dogs for over 2 decades. Urine odors have been a daily challenge for me. Recently I tried SUN from RemoveUrine. I was amazed! The odors in my kennel are gone! The product is easy to use and it’s safe around my puppies. Recommended for any pet owner.

Allie S.
Allie S.
I have a dog and three cats. I am writing to let you know that I recently bought your Severe Urine Neutralizer. I am completely satisfied. It is easy to spray on and works fast in eliminating the foul odor of my pets’ urine. I highly recommend this. My only regret is I didn’t act sooner in buying this.

Tonya L.
Tonya L.
I used your product (SUN) on Sunday, and absolutely LOVED it!! I have several girls here in the office that want to order this now. Do you have any active coupons? I’ll be placing the order and giving them their bottles. I want some to have on hand at home. For those just in case moments! I have a German Shepherd, and she has had accidents in the house but I never knew where she had peed, but could smell it. My house now smells like the Airwick I have plugged into the wall, not her pee!! Love, love love it!!

Buy a bottle of SUN now!It works or your money back!

Shelley C.
The stuff works great…. Thanks.

Theresa O.
Theresa O. Battle Creek, MI
SUN saved my expensive jacket. My dog Moxie had surgery and I held her on the way home from the vets. Later I realized that my jacket had a strong urine smell on the right side and arm. It’s not a washable fabric, so I worried my jacket had been ruined. A friend gave me some SUN, which I sprayed on the jacket. After drying, there was no odor left at all … other than a very light pleasant apple smell. It was fabulous. Thank you!


Connie G.
Connie G.
My dog Betty, gets sick and has a foul odor she leaves on my clothing after she has been sitting on my lap. She leaks and oozes a little something, Gross! I used SUN and the odor and spot disappeared immediately. Thank you SUN! I can still let Betty sit on my lap without worrying about the odor. Fantastic Job!!

Buy a bottle of SUN now!It works or your money back!

Kelsie Forest Hills Pet Care
Hi, I’m Kelsie from Forest Hills Pet Care. I work at a vet clinic, and therefore deal with animals urinating all over the clinic all the time. I had a puppy leave a smelly urine spot on our lobby rug, and used SUN to clean it. It was very easy to spot clean with, just a few sprays and a little scrubbing, and the smell was gone. Usually we have to hose off the whole rug and wait a day for it to dry, so this cleaner made my day a lot easier! I’d definitely recommend the SUN cleaner as a great stain and smell remover.

Christine December Petsmart Gift Card Winner
Hi, I’m Christine from Wisconsin and I won the December Petsmart Giftcard! Just wanted to say thank you so much! You all are awesome!

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