Severe Urine (alkaline salt stain from urine remover)(1 qt.)

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Severe Urine
Alakaline Salts and Lipid Remover

Severe Urine provides the homeowner with a multi-purpose acid detergent spotter and urine neutralizing treatment. Severe Urine is specially formulated to be incredibly effective for the pre-treatment of urine contaminated soft surfaces including carpet, unholstery, rugs, draperies, and mattresses.

Pre-treatment of urine stains with Severe Urine dissolves, neutralizes, and dislodges alkaline salt residues that build up from pet accidents and other urine contamination for easy removal prior to the application of a deodorizing treatment. Severe Urine enhances the performance of and speeds up the deodorizing process when using's Dual Action or Max Enzyme. It makes any enzyme decontaminant or deodorizer more effective. It also contains special odor suppressants that make the work area less offensive until deodorizers can be applied.

Severe Urine can also be used to neutralize and remove spots caused by coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, most beverage spills and salt based materials such as many ice melt compounds.

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