Max Enzyme Concentrate - 1 bottle [makes 1 qt RTU solution]

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#1 Ranked Enzyme-Powered Urine Digester!

Max Enzyme

Max Enzyme is a highly concentrated bacteria/enzyme formulation designed to eliminate severe odors from urine, mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit, skunk, and protein fire residue, and can assist in removing all organic-related staining. 

Max Enzyme contains more enzymes than any other product available!

It effectively deals with a wide range of odors in carpet and other textiles, and on all colorfast hard surfaces by breaking down the substances which cause odor – and even consumes food sources for molds and mildews as well.

Max Enzyme eliminates the source of organic odors naturally. It also provides permanent odor control and deters future pet deposits.

Each 4 oz. bottle of Max Enzyme Concentrate makes 1 quart of Ready-To-Use solution

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