Oxi Blast

Combat Urine Odors and Stains 
with the Power of Oxygen

Oxi Blast is different from other oxidation products because we’ve added a special blend of ingredients specifically designed to combat urine odors and stains:

  • Oxi Blast comes in powder form. You mix with water just prior to use. The reason for this is that the amount of oxygen in the solution is strongest when fresh. The longer an oxidation product sits after being mixed with water, the weaker the oxygen properties become. We recommend for optimum results that you mix just enough Oxi Blast for the job at hand, so that you are always using a fresh batch in it’s most powerful form.
  • Oxi Blast also contains Odourcide, an odor neutralizer that attacks the dog urine — neutralizing it by bonding to and encapsulating it.
  • The oxidation is also effective in removing the urine stain.
  • Plus, it contains additives that enhance solution penetration to improve rinsing and removal.
  • Finally, Oxi Blast has built into it anti-resoiling properties that keep the treated area from attracting new residue.


It works by forcing large amounts of oxygen into the urine residue breaking it down into basic elements like carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements. These compounds then leave by evaporation (let the area air dry) or, if you prefer, are easily extracted with a carpet cleaning machine.

Finding the exact source of a pet urine odor can be difficult. A black light can help to find the exact spots. Pet urine stains, under a black light, glow very distinctly.


If the stain is fresh, blot any excess urine with rags or paper towels. Completely saturate the affected area with Oxi Blast. Allow the area to air dry. Or, alternatively, you may use a carpet cleaning machine to force extraction. Repeat as necessary. Allow 24 hours between treatments.Buy Oxi Blast