Grass Revitalize

All Natural Grass Revitalize

A Concentrated Natural Microbial Treatment

Your Solution to Lawn Damage from Dog or Cat Urine

If you own a dog and you have a lawn, then you’re only too familiar with those brown spots caused from urine killing the grass.

  • One popular “theory” as to what causes urine burns is that urine is acidic and that in turn burns the grass. As a result, a variety of home remedies have popped up on the internet advocating adding baking soda, vitamin C, or various pills & supplements to your dog’s diet. While some of these remedies may have occasional success, we at are not fans of giving your dog pills to try to change the chemicals in their urine. The reason these home remedies sometimes seem to work is usually because they make your dog thirstier, they drink more water, and thus dilute the urine.

Grass Revitalize cures urine burns in your lawn!

  • The real culprit in urine burns is the nitrogen in the urine. Dogs generally eat a high protein diet; then the protein is broken down and excreted as nitrogen in the urine. The grass simply dies from a massive overdose of nitrogen. (Small amounts of nitrogen are actually healthy for your lawn. Many fertilizers contain a percentage of nitrogen. But, you’ll find that you get the same kind of burn spots in your grass if you drop a concentrated handful of nitrogen-based fertilizer on one spot.)


One cure for urine spots in your lawn is to follow your dog around and quickly saturate the area where they have just urinated with lots of water from your garden hose. This will dilute the nitrogen in the urine, making it harmless to the grass.

But since we don’t advocate adding chemicals to your dog’s diet, or having to follow your dog around with the garden hose every time they go out into your yard, we have developed Grass Revitalize. We believe this product is the best solution to curing urine brown spots, plus it has the added benefit of protecting your lawn against future spots for months. Once applied, it sets up a barrier that will continue to neutralize the effects of the nitrogen on the lawn.

Normally, we recommend re-applying Grass Revitalize every 2-3 months.


Simply mix one Grass Revitalize tablet with water in our 32 oz. hose sprayer bottle, attach your garden hose and spray on your lawn. One bottle covers up to 8,000 sq. ft.Buy Grass Revitalize