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Most pet urine cleaning products offered to the retail customer today are largely ineffective. They are weaker than what professionals use, and are often manufactured with yesterday’s technologies. Many products are simply a mixture of detergent and a pleasant smelling masking agent. Against urine odors, these are all doomed to fail!

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Our goal at RemoveUrine.com is to offer you the same top-of-the-line professional grade products used by cleaning companies.

Professional-grade cleaning products

The chemicals being developed and used in professional cleaning are improving all the time. This includes the chemicals and products used in pet urine stain and odor removal and clean up. Many new green products are becoming available as cleaning evolves.

There are 5 basic types of chemicals used to eliminate dog urine odors. They are:

  • Neutralization — We recommend our #1 Rated Product, SUN.
  • Enzyme — We recommend Max Enzyme (contains more enzymes than other product on the market.)
  • Oxidation — We recommend Oxi Blast.
  • Encapsulation — We don’t recommend encapsulation when used alone. But Oxi Blast has a double attack against urine odors: It uses the power of oxygen to clean and purify plus a special odor bonding and encapsulating ingredient called Odourcide.
  • Masking Agent — Never recommended. For example, this is like spraying a product such as Fabreze on the urine contaminated area. It simply covers the smell temporarily. The urine odor-causing cells remain and the unpleasant smell will return!
Commercial grade cleaning products

There are quality chemicals available in each of the top four categories that if used correctly will do an excellent job. There are many more chemicals on the market in each category that are just not very good. The good quality chemicals work well when used correctly. We offer the highest quality chemicals used for pet urine stains and odors, the same products used by cleaning and industry professionals.

We want to point out three keys that will make the difference as to whether a product does or does not work for you.

  • First: Use one of the types of chemicals that are effective at doing the job. There are many products being sold that are not even designed to remove the smell of urine. For example, masking agents.
  • Second: Get a quality chemical. There are many chemicals designed to do the job but are of inferior quality. We all know about these.
  • Third: Use the chemical properly. This can be the biggest problem. For the job of urine odor removal you need to use the chemical as it was designed to be used or you will at best only get partial urine odor removal. These chemicals must come in contact with the urine to be able to work on it. Some of them need a minimum amount of time in contact with the urine residue to work. They must be kept moist during that time. Some have temperature requirements to get results from them. These factors can vary some and you can still get partial results. But you need to keep these factors within the tolerances of the chemical you are using to get the complete results you want.