General Product Questions

• How do you get old dog urine odor out of carpet?

To eliminate the odor use a good product and use it properly. Many people think that cleaning a carpet or spraying something on it will kill the odor. If the urine is only in the surface of the carpet then this is true, but in most cases the urine has run to the base of the carpet, into the backing and pad underneath, and possibly the floor also.

A good enzyme product has traditionally been considered to be the best at actually eliminating the odor of urine for years. The disadvantage to enzymes is they take hours, even days to work. This means you need to moisten the area of urine residue with the enzyme product — and keep it wet for an extended period of time so the enzymes can work. If urine is soaked down to the floor, the enzymes need to soak in there also.

The best enzyme product which contains the highest number of enzymes available is Max Enzyme.

There are new products that chemically neutralize the odor. They are as effective as enzymes in eliminating urine odor (sometimes better), and they work immediately. You don’t have to keep things damp for more than a couple minutes.

The best neutralizer available is SUN (Severe Urine Neutralizer). It’s excellent for urine odor and works immediately. SUN is also great to run through your carpet cleaner machine but again that will only deal with the urine in the surface because that is all that is getting wet.

A black light in a dark room with help you find the spots that need the extra neutralizer.

• Are all of your products professional strength?

Absolutely! Each of our products is exactly the same strength, grade and formulation as that used by cleaning professionals. We are committed to offering the home owner products that fight urine odors and stains at the very highest level of effectiveness.

Experience has taught us that most pet urine cleaning products offered to the retail customer today are largely ineffective. They are weaker than what professionals use, and are often manufactured with yesterday’s technologies. Many products are simply a mixture of detergent and a pleasant smelling masking agent. Against urine odors, these are all doomed to fail!. Our chemists develop products capable of destroying urine odor-causing cells at the molecular level. Our products, previously only available to professional cleaning companies, are now available to the pet owner.

• Do your products remove urine stains as well as odors?

We offer one product that specializes in complete stain removal — Urine Stain Killer. For tough, urine stains that resist cleaning, we recommend you try Urine Stain Killer.

All of our other products (SUN, Max Enzyme, Oxi Blast) have each been chemically designed with the primary goal of total odor removal in mind. Each of these products will also effectively assist in stain removal, but if a stain remains after one treatment you may want to use Urine Stain Killer to complete the job.

• Do you guarantee your products?

We are very confident in each of our products. We’re dog lovers, and use them ourselves! We guarantee our products will work — or your money back.

• What types of odors will Remove Urine products work on?

Our products are designed to eliminate severe odors from all kinds of urine (dog, cat, human, any type of urine), mold, mildew, organic rot, vomit, skunk, and can assist in removing all organic-related staining.

• What is the difference between SUN, Max Enzyme, and Oxi Blast?

SUN contains an odor neutralizer that binds to and absorbs odors. It simply sprays on, starts working immediately, and leaves behind a fresh, clean smell. Neutralization contains no bleaches, no bacteria, no enzymes, no oxidizers nor chemical de-sensitizers. It is safe to use even when children or pets are in the home.

Max Enzyme is the highest concentrated bacteria/enzyme formulation available. Once applied to the urine contaminated area, the enzymes are activated and begin multipying. The odor-causing urine cells are their food source. The enzymes literally consume the odor-causing cells until they are gone. When the food source is completely gone, the bacteria die and enzyme production stops.

Oxi Blast with Odourcide combines the cleaning and deodorizing power of natural oxygen with the odor bonding and encapsulating power of Odourcide to give the home owner an entirely new way to neutralize urine odors. The natural oxygen will also effectively eliminate stains caused by urine contamination. Our revolutionary formula also includes special additives to enhance solution penetration to improve rinsing and removal. It also contains anti-resoiling properties that keep the treated area from attracting residue.

Questions about SUN

• Is SUN safe around my pets?

Yes. All natural SUN contains no bleaches, no bacteria, no enzymes, no oxidizers nor chemical de-sensitizers. It is safe to use even when children or pets are in the home.

Questions about Grass Revitalize

• Is there something I can give my dog to stop her urine from burning grass?

There are products on the market which claim if fed to your dog will correct “the pH” in the urine. However, the problem is not the pH. It is the nitrogen in the urine. There are a couple possible solutions: You can try to get your dog to drink more water in order to dilute the nitrogen content in the urine. You can reduce the protein content of your dog’s diet and this will also reduce the nitrogen content in the urine. At Remove Urine, we do not subscribe to any of these ideas that will potentially effect the health of your dog without your vet’s recommendation.

We believe we have developed the best solution. Simply apply “Grass Revitalize” to your lawn. The microbes in Grass Revitalize break down the urine and the nitrogen in it as it is deposited. The microbes also do a list of things naturally to improve the soil and make the lawn healthier. They speed up the decomposition of the urine (as well as feces) so the lawn and other plants can actually use the nutrients to thrive.

• Does Grass Revitalize really prevent future urine burns in my lawn?

Yes. Grass Revitalize has been made to not only help repair existing urine burns, but also scientifically developed with a special natural bacteria which colonizes on the hair-like structures of the plant root and sets up a barrier against future damage from pet urine. This barrier can stay effective for up to 2-3 months after applying Grass Revitalize.

Ordering & Check-out

• Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii? What about outside the United States?

Yes, we ship to all 50 states. We also ship to most of the world. We ship via USPS. Shipping rates are automatically calculated by the USPS website and all options will be shown during check-out. You can choose the method of shipment you prefer.

• Do you offer expedited shipping?

In the US, we do offer the option of USPS Priority or Parcel Post shipping. Priority costs a little more than Parcel, but will usually arrive within 1-3 days.


• Are animals ever used in your product testing?

Absolutely never. At Remove Urine, we are also pet owners and animal lovers, committed to the fight against cruelty to animals. No animals are ever used in testing our products.

• Do you offer discount coupons?

Yes, from time to time we do. The best way to find out about any discount coupon offers is to “like us” on facebook or join our mailing list so we can send you occasional updates.

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