About Us

Our Products Are The Same As Those Used By Cleaning Professionals

In 2008, our product manufacturer designed and built from scratch a brand new state-of-the art chemical production and manufacturing plant. This plant is part of a 100,000 square foot plus complex and was designed to be the most efficient and environmentally conscious manufacturing plant in the industry. Pretreated and softened water is used to manufacture our water based solutions. Powder solutions are mixed and dispersed using the latest mixing technology for easier mixing when used.

Quality Control

Each batch of cleaning solution is carefully mixed according to exacting specifications that involve the right percentages of ingredients, a specific order of mixing, pH, consistency, viscosity, odor, and appearance. Each step of the mixing process may require different degrees of heating or agitation. An on-site quality control inspector measures and evaluates each specific batch to ensure it meets the exacting standards we call for with each solution.

Research and Development

To stay on the cutting edge of cleaning, deodorization, and protection chemical technologies requires a commitment to research and development. Our high-tech research laboratory is unequaled within the industry. Here each potential new chemical solution is tested and re-tested for effectiveness, environmental impact and footprint, technician safety, and its effect on the surface being cleaned. The goal is to find the exact right combination of ingredients to make our solutions the very best in the industry.

Professional Grade Products Now Available to The Pet Owner!

Each new solution starts as an idea, usually from a challenge expressed by a cleaning company. As pet owners ourselves, we realized the need to to keep the home we share with our pets fresh, clean and environmentally safe. The formulation of our products may take weeks, months, or even years. The end products are sold to professional cleaning and restoration companies throughout the United States – and now, for the first time, we can offer the same high quality, professional products directly to you, the individual pet owner.